Board Computer AIRTEL-6

Modular expandable board computer for data recording of many flight parameters of R/C models.
Measure, store and present data of your R/C model.

After two years of experience in telemetry systems for R/C models a totally new concept was developed. This design brings very interesting applications to your model and measures data in your plane, helicopter or any other kind of R/C models.


The last three applications are possible by using a GPS receiver which is directly connected to Airtel-6. Due to the very low weight of modern GPS mouses (abt. 30 gr.) even small electric models can be equipped with this powerful system. 

GPS opens a wide range of applications. Measurement of the speed over ground is now much more precise then with usual air-pressure systems. Very interesting is recording of the flight path  and presentation on the PC screen. Do you believe you are able to fly a precise circle ? See the graphics after your flight ....

The modular Concept:

A base unit carries the micro controller module as well as up to four sensor modules. This concept makes Airtel-6 expandable for future projects since all modules are plugged in and can be replaced if needed.

Airtel-6 is available in two variants:

  1. Complete, ready to use system: including sensors and PC software. Plug & Play. Mount it in your model and fly.
  2. All modules separately, ready built and tested: Build your own system according your personal requirements. Complete module ready built and tested.Including documentation, with software (C-sourcecode).
gesamt.jpg (18456 Byte)

gesamt_zu.jpg (10241 Byte)

This picture shows the complete system with four sensors installed. A block battery (NiMH) is used as power supply. 

The second picture shows the ready to use system, switched on and operating. The cable on the left can be connected to a battery for voltage and current measurement.

The complete system includes these modules:

* chassis with power supply and base PCB
* board computer module
* Sensor: voltage, current and rotation speed
* Sensor: temperature
* Sensor: height
* GPS connection
* software including GPS and video support

Video Display:

A special feature is the combination of Airtel-6 with a mini 2,4 GHz video transmitter. Many pilots use these video systems already. The video system can be extended with the Airtel-6-VIDEO-Module. The VIDEO module is fully compatible with Airtel-6 and allows to insert measurement results in the live video picture.

fbild.jpg (17945 Byte) This photo was made from a television receiver. It shows how the measurements are inserted in the bottom of the picture. The values are updated every second. It shows the voltage, current, temperatur, rotation speed, actual and maximum height and the speed over ground.

The speed measurement reqires a GPS mouse. All other values are measured with the standard sensor modules.

GPS Connection:

Airtel-6 features a direct connection to a GPS receiver (GPS mouse). 

gpsmaus.jpg (11909 Byte) This picture shows the GPS mouse in comparision with a standard battery (Sub-C). The GPS mouse has only 30gr weight. This makes it possible to fly it even in small electric models. The GPS mouse calculates the actual position over ground. Airtel-6 stores this information every second. After landing it can be transmitted into a PC which then displays the flying path on the screen.

The speed measurement has an accuracy of 1 km/s. The position has an absolute precision of about 2m and a resulution of less than one meter.


The modules in detail:

All modules can be purchased separately:

The height sensor works like a air pressure sensor. It measures the actual air pressure and uses a special formular (barometric formular) to calculate the height. Since a precise Motorola sensor is used, the accuracy is more than sufficiant for modelling.

After switch-on it automatically calibrates to 0 meters. As the model raises the air pressure gets lower. Then the board computer calculates the height over ground.

This sensor allows the measurement of the voltage and current of receiver or engine batteries. It has an operating range of 0-110 volts and 0-110 amperes. The board computer also calculates the power consumption and allows the optimisation of propellers, gears and rotor blades. The rotation speed is measured optical or magnetical.

This dual temperature sensor measures in the range from -40 to +300 degrees C. It uses one or two silicon sensors which can easily be mounted on any part in the model (i.e. cooling head of an gas engine). This sensor allows the measurement of the temperature under various load conditions and is therefore ideal for the evaluation of the best engine performance.

Additionally a connection circuit for a GPS mouse is included. This module generates the power supply required for a GPS mouse and converts the serial output of the GPS mouse into the Airtel-6 format.

It can be operated simultaneously with the OSD video module from Klein Electronic which opens a wide range of interesting applications.

Sub-Miniature Videomodule. This optional module is built in the Airtel-6 system. It gets a video signal from any video source, like a color camera and inserts the measurement results into the picture. The readability of the characters is excellent. View the measurement values during the flight on your TV receiver, LIVE !

The VIDEO Module shows these values:

Battary-Voltage, Motor-Current, Rotation speed, Temperature, actual flying altitude (height), maximum altitude, speed (speed display requires a GPS mouse connected to Airtel-6).

cpu.jpg (17744 Byte)

Airtel-6 is driven by a powerful micro controller from Atmel (ATmega163 with 8 MHz clock). It has 64 kByte EEPROM space as data storage. Data are permanently stored even if the pwer is switched off. This allows to take measurement at the flying field and to evaluate it later at home on the PC. This memory is capable of storing data during more than one hour. An Atmel programming adapter  is also available for users who want to modify or extend the standard Airtel-6 software. This adapter is connected to the PC printer port. The download of measurement data is done serially with a cable connected to the PC's serial port.

basis.jpg (11534 Byte)

This PCB carries the board computer and up to four sensor modules. It also has the power supply. It can be connected to any battery with a voltage between 7 and 12 volts. The standard system uses a rechargable 9V block battery.

atmelprog.jpg (14783 Byte)

This adapter allows the upload of the firmware into Airtel-6. It is connected to the PC's printer port. A free of charge Assembler and programming software is also available as well as an evaluation version of a C compiler.

Technical Data

Size: abt. 120 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight: 150gr  incl. chassis and battery
Current consumption: abt. 60 mA
power supply: 9V block NiMH 150 mAh
voltage range: 0 to 110 Volt, resolution 0,1 V
current range: 0 to 110 Ampere, resolution 0,1 A
temperature range: -40 to +300 Grad C, resolution 1 deg. C
rotation speed range: 0 to 30000 U/min, resolution 100 U/min
height measurement: 0 to 1000m, relative resolution 1m
GPS connection: NMEA compatible, uses GPRMC sentence. RS-232 interface 4800 Bd for GPS mouse
Video conenction: 4800 Bd serial output compatible with OSD module.
Data storage 64 kByte, for abt. 1,5 hours measurement

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