High Power BECs Features:
5 volts - 2, 3, 5 and 7,5 Amperes - double receiver connectors
Power supply replaces 4-cell Nicd packs for your receiver power supply

Already widely used in Germany, now availabe for worldwide shipping !

This high power BEC is an ideal power supply for electric models with high servo activity, i.e. electric helicopters, aerobatic models ...

BEC means "Battery Elimination Circuit", a circuit that makes a separate receiver battery unnecessary.

BEC's are widly used in electric models where a separate receiver pack cannot be used due to space or weight. The BEC gets its power from the motor battery and converts it into a voltage suitable for receiver, servos, gyros and more.

A BEC circuit is already included in some motor controllers. But this integrated BEC handles only up to about 1,5 amperes and usually generates heat problems at high loads. It is not recommended for areas with higher temperatures, in Summer or under closed canopies.

A good example is the ECO-8 helicopter. It's receiver, gyro and mainly four servos need often more power than integrated BECs could deliver without overheating.

The solution is this external High-Power-BEC. It handles 5 volts at 2, 3, 5 or 7,5 Amperes and is therefore ideally suited for receiver system with high current consumption. It works with input voltages from 7 to 20 volts and has lots of reserve if the motor pack gets empty. Cooling requirements depend on the number of NiCd cells and current. Usually it can be used with up to 12 cells without external cooler because the high output current is drawn only during short periods of time. For higher power consumption or mounting inside the model a cooler is included in the standard BEC package.

This BEC product line offers four types of low-noise precision linear voltage regulators. Depending on the model a low-budget 2A type or up to a powerful 7,5 A type may be used. The BECs have expensive low-drop regulators implemented which give good reserves if the model's battery gets empty.

All BECs have various security circuits and a diode against wrong polarity of the battery.

Usual BECs can forward HF distortions from the motor to the receiver resulting in poor quality of the received R/C signal. This BECs have a special dual-core filter included which supresses noise from the engine by up to factor 1000. This improves the stability of the R/C system dramatically compared to conventional BECs. The additional BEC filter (which is also offered by FlyHELI) is not required for these BECs. This filter is recommended for BECs from other manufacturers. 

Which BEC for which moden ?

Four BEC types are available. They can deliver a maximum current of 2, 3, 5 or 7,5 Amperes. Choose the BEC according this table:

BEC - 2A low-budget BEC for small electric models using slower servos. It can be used i.e. in small helicopters like the ECO-8 with the following low-current servos: JR C261, C341, C351, Futaba S5102, FS40, Hitec HS81, Diamond D60 and others.
BEC - 3A low priced BEC for small models with low-current servos but one fast tail rotor servo. It can be used together with standard gyros like Futaba 3D gyro, Ikarus Profi-Gyro and others.
BEC - 5A powerful BEC for small and medium sized models with faster servos and a fast tail rotor servo. This BEC is the minimum requirement if a modern SMM gyro system is used (i.e. GY401)
BEC - 7,5A high power BEC with enormous reserves. For models with modern SMM gyros and big and fast tail rotor servos (i.e. GY401 with S9253).

Technical data:

input voltage range:
maximum input voltage:
number of cells:
output voltage:
output current:
stability of output voltage:
line regulation:
integrated filter:
weight incl. cables:






low noise, no distortion, linear regulator
7 to 20 volts
30 volts
7 to 16 (max. 20 with cooling)
5 volts
max. 7, 5 amperes (2, 3, 5 or 7,5A types available)
0,015 %
0,01 %
supresses noise from the engine by up to factor 1000
ca. 13-45 grams (depending on type)


Special features:

  • high output current
  • extremely precise output voltage
  • no special requirements for the N/C pack
  • components for EMC protection (mobil phones ...)
  • integrated 35 MHz filter (works up to 100 MHz)
  • double receiver power cables
  • reverse voltage proof
  • low weight
Items and price:
  • readily built and proofed BEC unit including cables, JR/Futaba connectors, cooler
  • Instruction manual

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