High-performance EMI Filter Features:
EMI noise suppression by factor 1.000
High performance filter eliminates noise generated by electrical engines.


External BECs get more and more common for electric helicopters, gliders and other models. A BEC makes an separate battery unnecessary and the handling of your model gets much more easy, no need to charge two battery packs.

Unfortunately, high power electric engines generate a lot of noise which can disturb the remote control. If external BECs are used, then this noise can go from the motor through the BEC to the receiver.

The high performance EMI filter eliminates the noise before it comes to the BEC and therefore eliminates receiving problems.

The filter is designed for the 35 MHz and 40 MHz band. But it works quite well up to at least 60 MHz. If you require a filter for other frequency bands please contact me. Developing a high performance filter is not an easy job, since it requires quite expensive measurement equipment. So it took some time to get it working, but now it is finally tested and available in quantities. The quality of the noise suppression is much better than originally expected and therefore ideal for electric models using BECs.


The filter is a combination of two filters of different technologies. This double-PI-low-pass-filter uses two iron-powder coils with a special winding method. It eliminates symmetrical disturbances as well as unsymmetrical noise. Similar technologies are used in main power filters of PCs but this filter is specially designed for the R/C frequencies in model remote controls.
Simply solder this filter between the engine's battery and the BEC, that's all you need to do !

When to use this filter ?

If you have receiving problems in electric models which are caused by the noise of the electric engine. This filter is a must if you use an external BEC.


Technical Data:

noise suppression 35 MHz:
noise suppression 40 MHz:
max. operating voltage:
max. operating current:
power consumption of the filter:
size abt.:
weight abt.:



60 dB (factor 1000)
55 dB (factor 560)
63 volts (up to 32 cells)
5A continuous. 7,5 A peak
25 x 13 mm
9 grams

Special features:

  • extremely good suppression of noise especially on frequencies used in R/C modeling.
  • designed to eliminated noise if external BECs are used.
  • simple assembly
  • high reliability
  • high current, therefore useable for almost all electric models
High Performance Filter:
  • readily built and proofed filter unit including cables
  • Instruction manual

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