FET Security Switch Features:
electronic and mechanic double check circuit 
Security switch improves reliability for your receiver power switching

Already widely used in Germany, now availabe for worldwide shipping !

This electronic FET security switch uses a totally new concept to make receiver power switching more reliable.

Mechanical switches have a lot of disadvantages. Vibrations or gasoline destroy the active surface of these switches. You will often see a bad switch only when it is too late. Usually it works on the ground and fails in the air when the engine is running.

Old fashioned electronical switches use FET transistors but they also have a big problem: What happens, when the transistor dies ? Even electronic parts can fail.

This new FET security switch combines the advantages of mechanical and electronical switches with a new circuit design. Both types work in parallel which give high reliability and long duration. This makes the operation of receiver systems much more secure.

The FET switch contains a rigid mechanical switch which is supervised with an electronic low voltage FET. Normally the current flows through the mechanical switch which is continously checked by the electonic circuit. A switch problem will be detected in almost zero-time and the FET will then handle any current up to 10 amperes. The output voltage will not have any visible drop and is well suited to power your receiver system.

This switch is ideal for models where high reliability is an issue, like model helicopters, all models using gas engines ... (All my R/C helicopters use this switch).

For additional security two of these switches can be used with a double receiver power supply.


Technical data:

maximum current:
operating voltage:
secured voltage range:
maximum current, charger connector:
maximum loop resistance:
voltage indicator:



10 amperes
0 to 12 volts
3 to 12 volts
2,5 amperes
13 milliohms
red LED


Special features:

  • 2-pole, rigid mechanical switch
  • Low-Voltage High-Power FET
  • very low loop resistance
  • security circuit agains mechanical failure
  • security circuit agains electronic failure
  • operating voltage indicator LED
  • connector for battery charger
  • double receiver cables including connectors
Items and price:
FET security switch:
  • readily built and proofed FET switch unit including cables and JR/Futaba connectors
  • Instruction manual

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