Days since my maiden flight:

Updates October 2004

1. The great temperature survey
    A database with temperature values of model engines. Enter your measurements !

Previous Updates:

Test: GT3000 NiMH battery pack !
Power supply filter for electric models
High power BECs for electric helicopters

This web site is intended for beginning helicopter pilots who want (must) learn on their own, without valuable help of an experienced pilot. It's not easy to learn this hard way, but it is possible. But beware ! It's nothing for the small budget. You will need lot of spare parts during the first steps.
I surfed a lot through various web pages looking for valuable hints for beginners. I found a lot, but most information have been incomplete. The big problems of a beginner on it's own are not described at all.
Therefore I want to describe my personal experiences on these pages. Almost live because I write these pages immediately after returning from the flying field.
Any experienced 3D pilot may jump out of his window if he reads these lines. But I hope to give to all newcomers some valuable hints and a lot of motivation to start and continue this fantastic hobby.
I have use E-Helis so far..

All pages are updated regularly , please check back frequently !