Telemetry: LOGO 1400 rpm HH01491A.gif (1962 Byte)

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Measurements at the LOGO:

Measuing the motor current using:

Motor Kontroniks KBM 39-4,
Controller Kontroniks 3SL 40-14-32 (Mode 4: Heli with speed control)
30x RC2000 N/C cells.

This diagram shows the current consumption at a head speed of 1400 rpm. This is the recommended head speed for aerobatics with the LOGO.

Amp1400.gif (24625 Byte)

The current consumption is very smooth. The few changes in load are caused by my flying. I flew a mixture of hovering, slow and fast forward flight also with high chnages of the pitch. You see clearly the fast descends with very low motor power. This diagram shows that the speed controller is not more active. This is noticable during the flight because the head speed goes down during fast climbs. It look like that the controller sets full gas and has no more power to hold the head speed constant. I was wondering why this is the recommended and sold motor-controller configuration for the LOGO. Compare also with the speed measurements.

But the motor has enough power for fast climbs. I don't know if it is still sufficiant for aerobatics.