LOGO 1400 rpm Hovering
HH01491A.gif (1962 Byte)

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Measurements at the LOGO:

Measuing the motor current using:

Motor Kontroniks KBM 39-4,
Controller Kontroniks 3SL 40-14-32 (Mode 4: Heli with speed control)
30x RC2000 N/C cells.

This diagram was recorded with a head speed of 1400 rpm but with a quiet flying style (hovering):

Amphover.gif (20605 Byte)

See the fast current changes during the first 20 seconds which are cause by the speed regulation. During the first 20 seconds the speed controller was active. This is possible because the n/c pack has some over voltage during the first seconds after charging. But then the voltage went down to the normal value and the speed controller stopped working. This was noticable onthe sound of the rotor blades. Then I fly very smooth and only hovering.

To test the maximum current consumption I push the pitch stick for a few seconds and did a fast climb at 01:30. The maximum current consumption is 25 A.

The current during hovering is constant at 15 A. This results in a power of 550 watts for the LOGO in hovering. The weight of the LOGO is almost 5 kg. This confirms the rule that 1 kg weight needs about 100 watts of power. This is also true for the ECO which weights 1600g and needs 12 A at 12V which is 144 watts.