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New Products:

ECO 8 and ECO 16 Tuning

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ECO 8/16 Supertuning Kit Upgrade your ECO 8 or ECO 16 rotor head. Including all ball bearings, screws, balls and detailed description with many pictures. Make your rotor head running perfect like shown in the video. 68,- $ 68,-


R/C Modeling Electronics

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High Performance Filter Eliminates noise in electric models using external BECs. 16.- $ 16.- 
Motor Temperature check Test the temperature of gas or electric engines during flight. A extreme bright LED shows overheat conditions. 41.- $ 41.-
Graupner MC18/20/24 PC Interface PC interface for the Graupner transmitters MC18, MC20 and MC24. Includes software to save and restore the transmitter's memory on the PC hard disk. 39,- $ 39,-
High power BEC Extremely powerful and light weight power supply for receiver, servos and gyro in helicopters and aerobatic models.  Click here for details. 64.- $ 64.- 
Electronic Security FET Switch  New circuit design makes FET switching even more secure. Mechanical switch supervised by electronic circuit including 10 amperes FET switch. Click here for details. 45.-$ 45.-

NEW AIRTEL-6: The high performance R/C modelers measurement system with GPS support

Please read the detailed description on this page:  >>> LINK <<<

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Complete System, ready to use:

Airtel-6 complete system, plug & play Complete system in a small plastic case with board computer and sensors for voltage, current, temperature, height, rotation speed and GPS connection for i.e. RGM-2000 GPS-mouse (mouse not included). Includes all required sensors and cables. Firmware including GPS and Video support (video module not included). 490.- $ 490.-

Separate Modules:
All parts are available separately for your own experiments or extensions. The modules are readly built and tested.

Board computer Sub miniature micro computer using Atmel ATmega163 controller, 64kByte EEPROM, serial interface to the PC. 8MHz clock. Programmable in assembler or C. Can also be used for other applications.  140.- $ 140.-
Base PCB and case Airtel-6 case with base PCB, power supply. Can carry up to four sensor modules. 89.- $ 89.-
Voltage/Current/Rotation Sensor Sensor for current (0-110A), voltage (0-110V) and rotation speed (optical and magnetic). measurement. 78.- $ 78.-
Height sensor Air pressure sensor with Motorola precision sensor. Height calculation with the built-in barometric formula. 146.- $ 146.-
VIDEO Modul Insert measured values into a LIVE video. Ideal module to connect Airtel-6 to a video transmission system. 98.- $ 98.-
Dual-Temperature Sensor and GPS connection Two temperature sensors -40 to +300 deg.C and interface modul for direct connection of a GPS mouse for measurement of position and speed over ground. Recommended GPS mouse:  RGM-2000 von Sapphire, has only 30 gr. The Airtel-6 firmware uses the GPRMC sentence. 38.- $ 38.-

Programming adapter:

Programming adapter for the Airtel-6 board computer: Allows direct connection to the PC's printer port. Upload of firmware with free software. Programming in assembler or C language. 38.- $ 38,-

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